IST Meeting

2015-03-02 11:00
America/New York
Monday, 2 March 2015
, at 16:00 (GMT), duration : 00:00

Title: STAR Weekly IST Meeting
Community: STAR
Password: hft-ist
Meeting type: Open Meeting (Round Table)
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0. News - Zhenyu
1. On-Call Expert Report - Xiaozhi
2. Calibration and Run14 Data QA - Yaping
3. Software and Run15 Data Checking - Bingchu
4. A.O.B.

Attendance: Xiaozhi, Yaping, Zhenyu

0. News - Zhenyu
contribution from TB0 hits reduced after VPDMB-5cm trigger fix, as expected. In order to meet 1B VPDMB-5cm goal, will increase VPDMB-5 bandwidth, and turn on HFT
 earlier in store. Run14 full pre-production completed, need IST QA (Yaping). Run14 full cosmic data production completed, need IST gain calibration (Bingchu). Run15 pre-view production produced, check IST efficiency (Yaping).

1. Operation Results - Xiaozhi
60% cooling reservior level, 30-40% in 3-4 weeks. will info Bob in advance
Wait for a few more days before asking John again about the network interfaces
Define a reference run for online QA plos, after Bingchu updates istBuilder

2. Calibration and Run14 Data QA - Yaping
Ticket 3052 fixed. Will follow up with ticket 3056
Run14 full pre-production completed, will produce run-dependent QA plots (number of IST
 hits vs run number). Will try to understand the reduction of number of IST hits in certain sensors in certain runs (pedestal shifts or ?) Will plot Max ADC time bin distributions to verify no trigger problem.
Will run IST efficiency tool on Run15 data to check IST efficiency

3. Software and Run15 Data Checking - Bingchu
  a. found the issue of many hits in frist timebin, it is due to vpdmb wrong TACs. Trigger group has fixed it by set the min VPD TAC to 300.
  b. IST in HFT online monitoring webpage has one more QA pdf link of IST raw adc distribution for each run. 
  c. Online istBuilder will be implemented soon. I will update it with a new algorithm of bad channel rejection.

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