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Talk time : 12:55, Duration : 00:05


  • ESL minor update requested (active sub-system inconsistently treated)
  • Data space for calibration purposes reshaped: no quota but WaterMarking. Users wanting to use the space there must inform the related software coordinator (software coordinator should inform S&C for documentation purposes)
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  • Official Run 14 data production starts on the 16th (next Monday)
  • A reminder that user's jobs will be pushed to PHENIX nodes as production will be in steady mode - please be careful of looping jobs or those filling the disk space with useless logs


  • Please use the DataCarousel - user are still asking (for example, here)
  • Vertex finder (KFVertex) evaluation still to be done (no news in a few weeks)
  • STAR Coding standards commitee deliverred a first draft proposal for a new set of rules - this is being internally reviewed - next step will be to ask Software Coordinators to comment + move to a new gcc version with full C++11 suppot (BUT STAR standards may discourage some langage cosntruct use)
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