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Talk time : 12:55, Duration : 00:05
  • cppcheck dashboard still generated + more work needed for coverity (possible service task)
  • C++ coding guidelines are our for wide comment - 2 weeks time given. Note that if no comments, ALL future review will require adeherence to the new standards.
  • I am also welcoming comments on the following proposal for the review process
    • Enforcing the code passes cppcheck (no comments == enforced)
    • Enforcing "a" formatting style (astyle)
  • Schedule for infrastructure upgrade unrolling (after the C++ standards) as noted in the plenary S&C presentation last week and zillions of AOB in previous month (will move to the latest ROOT 5.x + test, move to a new compiler + test, accept new standards). feedback on the C++ coding standard crucial ...
  • https everywhere - any comments?
  • CS audit in the week of July 6th - not expecting it to be aggressive but please, make sure that if you see someone you do not know snooping, to challenge.