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Talk time : 12:40, Duration : 00:20

Past AOB and status:

  • C++ coding guidelines feedback closed and approved (document need some minor tweaking, some formatting lost). There has been little comments on the astyle issue (so, will not enforce) and no opposition to cppcheck for peer-review (enforced).
  • Schedule for infrastructure change progressing slowly (missing Lidia to validate library, step 1/4 ~ done)
  • https everywhere - no comments => will move and see what happens
  • CS Audit happening as we speak - see this post for some news.


  • STAR Scheduler (SUMS) "splitBy" attribute of job tag
  • Database rotation / end-of-the-run maintenance done (Phase I). Please, all proceed with end-of-run tasks (check latest code in CVS, bootstrap records, save database info ESL/RunLog/etc., stop daemons and processes where it applies,...) - possible S&C Run self-critique in mid-August.
  • Discussed offline of the timing for EvtGen integration as an external decayer - not clear when needed (Hijing+HFT simulations a bit of a mistery)
  • Gathered Request of milestones from Software coordinators from 2015-07 - some timeline are obvious (some are less obvious and not reported). 
    Example: asked for an update on HFT embedding for a soon to come S&C meeting.
  • ...