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Talk time : 12:50, Duration : 00:10

  • Transition to new GCC and C++11 is near complete - awaiting for offsite (out of BNL) feedback (if any) and plan upgrade in 1-2 weeks. Remaining issues. Started a blog SL6, gcc 4.8.2 testing and progress (missing last week development listed below)
    • All code compiles - still many warnings people ignore
    • Need re-compile of new ROOT version to enable c++11 symbols and fix to Vc (32/64 bits issue)
    • ROOT version needs to be re-linked to native OPTSTAR
    • Strategic: production will be unaffected but user analysis may collapse due to $STAR_HOST_SYS - will send a note/Email + provide a transitional patch to SUMS
  • Windows 10 upgrade - there will be BNL support but home users, beware of the license agreement (see those links for example [1], [2], ...) and read how to configure MANUALLY Windows 10 before moving along with the automated/default options. Please remember that security begings with YOU.
  • New - Panorama Virtual tour display [here]

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