IST Meeting

2015-08-10 12:00
America/New York
Monday, 10 August 2015
, at 16:00 (GMT), duration : 00:00

Title: STAR Weekly IST Meeting
Community: STAR
Password: hft-ist
Meeting type: Open Meeting (Round Table)
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0. News - Zhenyu
1. IST Efficiencies in Run15 - Yaping
3. IST
 Calibration for Run15 - All

Bingchu, Xiaozhi, Yaping, Zaochen, Zhenyu

 Efficiencies in Run15 - Yaping
1. two inner PXL layer hit problem solved with modified KalmanTrackFinderParameters.y2015.C, as suggested by Hao
2. two peaks in TPC Vz, different than Lidia's fast production. Due to different release or BFC option? will check with Lidia
3. primary vertex selection, use vertices with largest good TPC
 track, or with highest ranking? will plot their Vz correlation.
4. plot TPC Vz vs VPD Vz, number of tracks and TOF matched tracks from selected primary vertex, in association with number of IST hits
5. plot MaxAdcTimeBin distribution for all IST hits and IST hits with matched TPC+TOF tracks

 Calibration for Run15 - All
1. Goal: update the initial version of IST
 tables for Run15 by the end of second week in September - Yaping & Bingchu
2. Study pile-up IST hits and determine whether to throw away IST hits with MaxAdcTimeBin=0 - Yaping

12:00IST Efficiency in Run15 ( 00:20 ) 1 fileYaping Wang