HFT Software meeting

2015-12-02 11:00
America/New York
Wednesday, 2 December 2015
, at 16:00 (GMT), duration : 00:00
Instead of a new agenda: action items from last week's meeting [new Minutes in bold]

*** Run14 [1 Million +SSD]
- Save MuDst only. Xin will check space on LBL-prod disk. 
 LBL-prod has about 1 Tb free space. Should be enough to hold the MuDst of 1 Million events.
- Need to setup library [SL15c+SSD patch]. Jonathan will notify Gene/Jerome of plans [complicated since SST doesn't exist in SL15c]
Mike and Jonathan both find SL15k more appropriate [Mike did his efficiency studies with simulation with this libarary]


*** Run15 Calibs
- PXL upload masking on Db. Hao is back and will take care of this.
   Then Guannan will do a test before we ask S&C for the calibration scan.

- IST Bingchu to follow up with S&C on code updates [he did and process is in progress].
We can ask Dmitri to move the Data part, which is ready to dev [needed for production]
- SSD magnet-ON cosmics tables in Db. Jonathan produced Hijing/BFC SSD data with 30/100microns resolution in tracking r-phi. Will contact Jason to do evaluation. [he did, waiting response]
- He is currently analyzing p+Au for masking and threshold check [5 adc cut of pp good here too?]. This is done and if anything the cut should be lower than 5 adc. Some details here:
  [SSD masking for pAu,pAl is finished and need to put in Db]. pp-long3 data set is with no cooling in IST, ignore.

*** Daniel to run some Run14 data+SSD in fast-offline environment [to check readiness][Jonathan send an email with SSD info]
  After some output is obtained we need to check if other info/histos is needed to be added 

EVO ID: 101 4815