HFT Software meeting

2015-12-09 11:00
America/New York
Wednesday, 9 December 2015
, at 16:00 (GMT), duration : 00:00
1) Run15 Calibration updates

- Sanshiro/Guannan sector #7 re-alignment after re-survey.
- Subsystems updates

2) SSD Run14 million event pre-production: libraries

3) Geometry updates [anything not in the library/known by Jason]

Meeting Minutes

1) Sanshiro

  New survey of sector 7, with re-alignment, new residuals look better than previous one. Will integrate the new tables into DB.

  We will finalize the geometry tables and do a clean verification production for all zero-field data again and confirm these tables.


2) SSD

  Run15, SSD masking table, some runs remain to be done in pplong2

  Now a bit limited by the available CPU resources at RCF.  We discussed that some other people can help (will follow up offline).


  Run14 software is being assembled.

  hit error - simulation test for 30 vs. 100, no difference was seen. One suggestion is to look at the data to have a realistic evaluation. Will need some bit statistics to get sufficient high pT tracks on which the MCS effect should not be dominant.


3) Run16 DB initialization

   no geometry change needed as far as everyone in the meeting recalls. Suggest to each subsystem to do

   i) ideal DB table entries (including geometry and calibration tables) with 2015-12-10 timestamp

   ii) real DB table entries with 2016-01-01 timestamp

       - for IST/SSD, they can be copied from Run15

       - for PXL, new survey tables need to be put in as well as some initial values for misalignment parameters.


4) IST chain

   Reviewer agreed on the structure, Bingchu will update this.

        rawHitMaker – one week, then ready for real data production.

        slowSimMaker – a few weeks

11:00Run15 alignment update ( 00:20 ) 1 fileSanshiro Mizuno
11:20SSD masking table status ( 00:20 ) 1 filejonathan
11:402) SSD Run14 million event pre-production: libraries ( 00:20 ) 0 filesjonathan