STAR BUR writing committee 2016

2016-04-04 15:00
2016-04-04 16:30
America/New York
Monday, 4 April 2016, at 19:00 (GMT), duration : 01:30

discussion of materials at hands 

default table of options: 
24 cryo-weeks, 19 cryo-weeks (baseline) and 15 cryo-weeks 

likely 2 weeks of CeC R&D for EIC (coherent electron cooling test) 
2.5 weeks of cool-down and machine commissioning 
from past experience and what CAD provided for switching to d+Au (0.5 weeks per switch) 

1) pp510 
    at least 10--11 weeks of operation  

2) isobars (Zr-96 and Ru-96) 

    Latest news from CAD is that Ru-96 with natural abundance 
    can achieve about 20% of the Au+Au luminosity, (10^9 ions per bunch) 
    This means that Au+Au luminosity is about 103x10^26cm^2s-1, x20%*5barns = 10KHz 
    average store luminosity is about 80% of that. 
    However, this is more than enough for our purpose. 

    If DAQ rate is 2000Hz, and we run at 95 hours per week, 
    this should provides us with 680 million events per week 

    1.5 weeks of Zr and Ru each with ~1 billion MB events (realistically 800M). 
    +0.5 weeks each for setup; 
     4 weeks of Isobar running 

3) possible 27GeV running for Lambda/lambdabar polarization 
    similar calculations, now luminosity goes down by a factor (27/200)^2 = 2% 
    This is 1800Hz 
    with a week running, 600million MB events 
    effectively, at least 1.5 weeks of running 

4) RHICf 
    two programs:  
    a) cross-section 
    b) A_N 
    each about 0.5 week 
    This is a separate request to PAC, but need to coordinate among RHICf and STAR 
    Sako is in our committee so that he knows what we are proposing. 

Cryo-weeks necessary for operation: 

    2.5+11+4+1.5+1.5 = 20.5 weeks + 2 (CeC) = 22.5 weeks 
    2.5+10 =12.5+2 = 14.5 weeks (just pp510 program) 
    2.5+10+1=13.5+2=15.5 weeks (pp510 + RHICf) 
    2.5+10+1+1.5 = 15+2 = 17 weeks (pp510+RHICf+27) 
    2.5+10+1+4 = 17.5+2 = 19.5 weeks (pp510+RHICf+Isobar)