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  • Storage news: Xrootd space is now all gone (modulo ~ 5% margin which we cannot really use)
    New storage appeared for data production - 425 TB only out of ~ 5 PBytes needed (tough times ahead - storage the biggest issue)
  • Upgrade to the GPFS client - nearly all done but 1/2 of the interactive nodes noted here was forgotten.
    RCF will re-schedule the reboot to tomorrow.
  • Production schedules & priorities
    • restart Run-15 pp with PPV/W-mode immediately
    • at the same time significantly scale down the resources for the Run-14 HT production
    • at the same time prepare and roll out the Run-13 pp test productions which involve PPV/W+StiCA on a few fills w/ and w/o HFT.
    • prepare and roll out (at a similarly lower scale of priority) the Run-14 150M reproduction with the HFT-bug fixed (and VF parameter fix for a typical Au+Au 200 GeV)
    • ...