STAR BUR writing committee 2016

2016-04-25 15:00
2016-04-25 16:30
America/New York
Monday, 25 April 2016, at 19:00 (GMT), duration : 01:30

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1) 62GeV case
2) homework assignments: 

1)    Spin pp510:

Ernst Sichtermann, Elke Aschenauer, Salvatore Fazio, Jinlong Zhang,
Carl Gagliardi, Jim Drachenberg

2)    Isobar:

    Gang Wang, Paul Sorensen, Sergei Voloshin (related to committee report);

     Huan Huang (community workshops and strategy, PAC perspectives),

    Aihong Tang, Prithwish Tribedy (U+U and other measures) 

3) Global Polarization: Mike Lisa, Evan Finch, Jinhui Chen

4) General topics from run17: high-multiplicity in pp510, high-pt jets from isobar and 27GeV 
dileptons, Heavy-Flavor,  flow, correlations etc. 
Highlights from the existing program

Lijuan Ruan, Frank Geurts (dilepton in Isobar and 27GeV, and progress from the past), 
Xin Dong, Zhenyu Ye (HF in run17 without HFT and progress/highlights from past), 
Helen Caines, Bill Llope, Roy Lacey (jets and correlations, pre-BES2 in run 17; progress from past), 
Gene van Buren (pp510 computing and calibration)
Takashi Sako (interface to RHICf)