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Talk time : 12:55, Duration : 00:20
Code sanity progress
  • Good progress from Akio (FMS/FPS - many thanks for the examplary work), TOF still needs to take care of the opened issues and a delay in informing the MTD appeared. 
  • Visual progress is as follows
    cppcheck - while attention was given to the coverity errors, cppcheck errors are decreasing as well

    coverity - good trend overall, decreasing but also showing some new problems came in ...

Other news
  • GPFS crash - Post-Morterm available here.
  • Slow rcas - found some users having large IO usage (direct IO, multiple scan of files) saturating at 15 GBytes/sec - user informed
    General solution - if a file needs to be read multple times, compute "locally" (i.e. copy the file) - not automated in SUMS, we may think about that ...

Closed/Recent/Opened tickets
  • Closed
    • None in the past week
    • Problem with FileCatalog failure - RT #3212 - this was closed as advertised at the last S&C AOB
    • xrootd performance issue - RT #3219 - this issue went away, likely caused by the GPFS downtime (and not xrootd related per-se)
  • Recent
    • memory leak of doEmbeddingQAMaker.C macro - RT #3220 - a crash occurs with a  std::bad_alloc error
  • Opened
    • emacs update - Ticket #3210 - A requested update. This would be closed within this week.
    • CVS lock, disk quota issue - RT #3214 - Quota for the offline/papers area is all gone. Solution proposed to increase space was rejected and further discussion confusing. Follow-up in the PWGC list made. Not sure what the path is (may take an action no matter what).
    • Python modules: numpy SciPy matplotlib - Ticket #3207 - 32bits problem - did not readddress (low priority)
    • Wrong listing in CVS recent commit history - Ticket #3209 -minor issue. Not operational critical.
    • Long job run times and strange Xrd errors in stderr files - Ticket #3211 & Ticket #3185. No time to address this at the moment.
    • NIS password issue and inconsistencies online - RT #3192 - password not updating from onlXX nodes