Production Status

Speaker : L. Didenko ( BNL )

Talk time : 12:30, Duration : 00:10

Real Data production status update on Jun 15, 2016

We have next Web page with production %tage completed for every dataset and stream data:
Production datasets inventory from run 2012
Table is updating every week, usually on Monday.
Currently running next production datasets:
  • pp 200GeV run 2015, production_pp200trans_2015 dataset,
    st_physics stream data completed 91%
    st_mtd stream data completed 99%
  • pp 200GeV run 2015, production_pp200long2_2015 dataset,
    st_mtd stream data completed 68%
    st_physics data are started
    Expected timeline for completion of pp 200GeV run 2015 (all datasets)
    with 50% of farm usage is ~50 days
    List of all datasets is:
    production_pp200trans_2015, production_pp200long2_2015, production_pp200long_2015, production_pp200long3_2015
  • pAu/pAl 200Gev run 2015, expected timeline for production completion with 50% of farm usage
    is 90-100 days
  • AuAu 200GeV run 2014 reproduction with HFT tracking and W-mode vertex finding cut completed 25%
    Expected timeline for completion wirh 50% of farm usage is ~80 days;
  • pp 500GeV run 2013 datasample for Sti/StiCA evaluation with PPV-W mode vertex cut;
    StiCA is done but the part of run numbers before HFT inclusion has geometry which takes into account HFT material which real data don't have;
    25% of these data with right geometry was rerun for varification of geometry effect;
    Sti dataset is done by 26%, data are written directly to HPSS;