STAR Management Meeting

2016-11-21 13:00
2016-11-21 14:00
America/New York
Monday, 21 November 2016
Meeting ID: 260125137, BNL room 1-189, at 18:00 (GMT), duration : 01:00
1) NATURE paper: 
    Global Hyperon Polarization => Vorticity and Magnetific field 
    It seems to jump to conclusion; 
    Should this be the focus of the paper content? 

2) run 17 preparation: 
    shift sign-up 
    readiness (FMS) 

3) LFSUPC co-convenor 

4) QM contents 

5) p+Au data and CME effect

6) discussion with ALD and PHENIX about releasing results at QM 
    tomorrow at 11AM 
   i)Global Hyperon Polarization (shown)
  ii) new D0 v2 and spectra 
  iii) Lambda_c 
   iv) CME centrality evolution and p+Au data 
   v) p+Au dihadron correlations 
   vi) vn (ISMD)
   vii) Upsilon states frun run14+run16 
  viii) FXT results on v1 slope, spectra and strangeness production 
   ivv) Jet splitting function (HP2016)