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Last comprehensive list AOB

  • Collaboration meeting follow-ups
    • NERSC/Cori production resumed (moving files to NERSC]
    • INSPIRE ID - field added t the PhoneBook (we are moving forward)
      • Several changes to our PhoneBook needed - conditional EMail ("if {simple 1 field condition} and field X is empty" especially as comes in multiple form)
        Example 1: If author is YES and Inspire Id is empty, then sent Email reminder"
        Example 2: If RCF account name is empty, send EMail
    • Network reshape - a note was sent here.
    • iTPC geometry - checked and in old format :-(
    • Forward tracking efforts resumed
    • dN/dx vs dE/dx - do we have news?
    • Track extension - Daniel looking into this
    • EPD software review -> this has not started but some volunteer
    • picoDST - EMC2EMaker reviewed, FMS pending
    • Tutorials - not started to review this BUT it appears users are not consulting it (example: Drupal FAQ)
    • HFT embedding - some code not in CVS (pending)
  • Run opened issues
    • Past - Run16 Au+Au WB stream was re-used to now mean "Jet". It used to be reserved for the "W" physics. This is not good for end-user analysis and should be avoided at all cost.
    • We have an issue of re-used detector ID. Also not good for offline, this is easy to recover in the FileCatalog but implies hard-coded logic. Why was this done?
    • Run marking - yes, we can re-mark Runs as good after they are marked bad. The ShiftLog GUI allows this to do remark
      • See menu "mark Runs" there are three options depending on what you want to remark. See screen shot below for run 18157064 (already marked Good on our side).