Data production update

Speaker : Lidia Didenko ( BNL )

Talk time : 12:00, Duration : 00:15

    Run 2016 production status since collaboration meeting.

  - currently running auau 200GeV st_mtd stream data without
    HFT tracking;
    completed 27.5% of dataset, 1374M events more to run.
    expected to finish production in ~4 month with 50% of farm usage.

  - schedule to submit next week auau 200GeV run 2016 WB stream data,
    27.4M events. Requested to run without HFT tracking.
    expected to finish in ~5 days with 50% of farm usage.

  - next dataset is auau 200GeV st_upc stream data, 98M events,
    will take ~10days with 50% of farm usage.

 - running dAu 62GeV st_upc stream data on Dubna cluster (Leve Hajdu),
    currently completed 40% of dataset, will be finish this week if everything is OK.
    next dAu 20-39GeV st_upc stream data will be processed
    on Dubna cluster as well, ~50M events.

   Run 2015 production status.

 - pAu 200GeV st_ssdmb stream data production completed;
   516M events produced;

 - pAl 200GeV st_physics stream data completed, 254M events produced;
   pAl 200GeV st_ssdmb stream data are running,
   currently produced 56% of dataset, will be completed by the end
   of this week;
   st_mtd stream data schedule to run next, will take several days to complete.

  Production status is updated on the page: