Talk time : 12:40, Duration : 00:20

 Notable open RT tickets:

  • 3268: dE/dx in Run 16 simulations/embedding: resolved, but not yet propagated
  • 3271: incorrect (very low) momentum reconstruction in simulations/embedding
  • 3272: dE/dx in Run 15 simulations/embedding: unclear whether this is resolved (ticket requester and ticket owner may disagree)
  • 3298: improper use of timestamps; resolved, but not yet propagated?
  • 3300: memory corruption in reconstruction chain found during Cori tests

Other open/ongoing items:

  • Sti/HR/CA test samples have been completed for both BulkCorr and HF PWGs; awaiting PWG feedback
  • Re-processing of st_upc MuDsts with re-run vertex-finding: codes are ready and awaiting PWG feedback
  • glibc upgrade in progress this week
  • See previous AOB, as well as the STAR Newsletter article