Calibrations Update

Speaker : Gene Van Buren ( BNL )

Talk time : 12:30, Duration : 00:10

Run 17 TPC drift velocities vs. time
  • Run 17 pp510
    • VPD initial calibration in place [done]
    • TPC Drift Velocities calibration is in place, but there is the possibility that this could be improved with modifications to laser track reconstruction (won't wait for it) [done / in-progress]
    • TPC SpaceCharge & GridLeak: new model for GridLeak distortion calibrated in parallel with old model...studies show only mild differences and the TPC group must finalize a decision on which to use and enter into the database (likely within a day or so) [in-progress]
      • Recent work on GridLeak should greatly improve distortion corrections in notorious TPC Sector 20
    • EEMC pedestals & status tables in place [done]
    • BEMC pedestals are ready [done], but status tables are not [in-progress]
    • Large calibration production for TOF + TPC dE/dx + MTD + BeamLine in preparation [to-do]
      • Will use st_mtd file stream for all runs possible to enhance MTD statistics
  • Run 17 AuAu54
    • VPD initial calibration [to-do]
    • TPC Drift Velocities (same as above) [done / in-progress]
    • TPC SpaceCharge & GridLeak: initial calibration done [done], final calibration un-started [to-do]
    • EEMC & BEMC pedestals & status tables not yet done [to-do]
    • Other calibrations using large calibration production to follow [to-do]
  • Run 17 other
    • Calibration production of field-on cosmic ray data for MTD group [in-progress]
      • TPC group wants GMT included in production, but not possible without GMT software going through peer review (languished for years now), so they are on their own