Talk time : 11:50, Duration : 00:20

1. There are two efforts in HFT embedding. VMC (Yuri) and Jason's misalignment implementation. Jason's latest post on progress is here:
and more recent [today] here:

2. Yuri summarized a status update and open items as well as the current embedding samples here:

3. For BOTH efforts we would need functional slow simulators to (at a minimum) take care of the dead elements in efficiency.

4. There are still some TGeo issues to be checked in the VMC misalignment environment. 

5. We would need to test/verify and possibly tune the IST slow simulator. Need to identify IST expert to work on this issue.

6. Yuri is going to modify the PXL fast sim to apply/accept the masking tables [dead areas]. This is a first step towards a full slow sim for PXL

7. YiGuo will move the SSD slow sim into a functional SST module

8. We will keep meeting weekly [usual Wed HFT soft meeting time at 11:30] on this

9. Yuri asked for a list of people that do HFT data analysis [to participate in QA]. Some names were forwarded privately.