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The last AOB from 2017-07-05.
Even older AOB would need to be checked and merged.

In addition of that, we have

  • Production of data sample for the JetCorr PWG - all code should be in place ...
    Dataset: st_physics from the trigger setups AuAu_200_production_2014, AuAu_200_production_low_2014, AuAu_200_production_mid_2014, AuAu_200_production_high_2014 was produced without the HFT and we may skip (or reproduce for consistency and ease of analysis / Catalog query if not too large).
    Expected event selection: from 5 to 10%. Filter option FiltTrg_JetCorrTrgs is ready.
    The following options should NOT be present during production: pxlHit istHit - tracker=Sti
    Timestamp: DbV20150316 DbV20170712_trg_Calibrations
  • Re-production of picoDST (low energy d+Au, 62 GeV) as described here.