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Talk time : 12:40, Duration : 00:20
Past AOB (and AOB still not merged)

  • Production for JetCorr - code in place, ready for production - confirming with PWGC the use of a newer library (cannot produce in the original library)
  • Re-production of the picoDST - did not start yet (due to some of the catch up items below)
  • New: picoDST additions - an update
  • Pending: Sti/StiHR/StiCA evaluation - PWGC indicate improvement likely benefits with StiHR (pending more QA). We did not succeed to have a presentation commitment for tofay's S&C meeting (will ask again)
  • New-ish (expected impact): Missing files on Distributed disk reported - Run14 st-WB missing.
    Note: this was dues to the fact that the data-management system auto-restore mechanism was turn off a while back (PWGC informed, it was turn off as too many users used the system in // and we could not restore priority datasets along with standard production and user activities without affecting production). The mitigation measure was followed by an inquiry to the PAC/PWGC on why users are restoring massive amount of data (including datasets we had agreed should no longer be on disk) ... which was never answered. At this stage, I do not see the previously 4 to 6 users activities and moving onward.
  • New: Space loan on data100 ( trgsetupname=AuAu_200_production_2016 year=2016 production=P16ij sname2=st_physics filetype=daq_reco_picodst) being moved to distributed disk.  We need the space.
  • New (old request): Run 16 UPC stream production - we are in a position to launch this but several opened questions eist
    • Should the beamline3D opton be used for this or the standard beamLine?
    • What vertex finder options would the UPC team want us to use? Evaluation and outcome off revertexing QA unclear (perhaps another topic for  a soon coming S&C meeting?)
    • Should we include the HFT in tracking? (probably never)
      Check: In this case not relevant - UPC triggers do not seem to have the HFT.