Optmization / Sti G3/BTOF Dependence

Talk time : 16:20, Duration : 00:20

Event filler currently uses the G3 geometry (converted to old ROOT TVolume, TNode classes) in propagation of tracks to BTOF for track-matching used by the vertex finder...
Three possible paths to remove the G3 dependency...

  1. Use track extend framework to "do it correctly"
    • Changes the BTOF matching algo, improves dEdx, may improve track propagation (RK).
    • Likely the longest of the three paths
  2. Keep the current algo, but use the TGeo geometry in place of the TVolume/G3 geometry
    • Minimal validation here, should be easier / faster
  3. VP spoke with VF last week... there might be a simple switch to use TGeo instead of G3 as input when creating the TVolume/Node geometry...
    • May or may not understand volume assemblies, which could be an issue with our geometries