PWGC Meeting

2017-08-11 11:30
2017-08-11 13:30
America/New York
Friday, 11 August 2017, at 15:30 (GMT), duration : 02:00
Full Meeting Info:

1) PWGC preview

Title: Low pT e+e- pair production in Au+Au collisions at √sNN = 200 GeV and U+U collisions at √sNN = 193 GeV at STAR

PAs:  Bingchu Huang, Rongrong Ma, Lijuan Ruan, Zebo Tang, Zhangbu Xu, Chi Yang, Qian Yang, Shuai Yang and Wangmei Zha
Target journal: PRL



- Brief introduction from the PWG conveners (5') []

- Paper proposal (15')  [Shuai]

- Open discussions (35')

- Summary from the conveners' panel (5’)

2) News (?) on searching for 

- Volunteer checking Run17 AuAu54 and Run18 BEMC status/pedestal tables
- picoDst code maintainer
- embedding deputy


Attendance: Chi Yang, David Tlusty, Wlodek, Yi Li, Kolja Kouder (left early), Grigory Nigmatkulov, Rongrong Ma, Zhenyu Ye
 Paper preview - minutes will be sent to PWGC and LFSUPC lists 
2) Searching for volunteers - no feedback yet. LFSUPC and JetCorr conveners have not done so, but will send the requests to the PWG lists
3) Paper preview requests - FXT4.5GeV from LFSUPC and 14.5GeV from BulkCorr will be scheduled