Talk time : 17:00, Duration : 00:20

Realized that it is fairly straightforward to convert from ROOT geometry to AgML. 

Will enable import of geometry models from other frameworks [ gdml --> root --> AgML ] with restrictions (reduced number of shapes, naming convention, etc...).  Envisioned as a tool to provide a starting point to incorporate detectors which exist in other experimental frameworks (e.g. CBM/eTOF, Atlas/sTGC, ...)
$ mgr/ --file=atlas.root --export=AgML
  • Reads in the given root file and iterates over volumes
  • Uses the AgML SyntaxHandler to convert ROOT objects into AgML code blocks
startElement( 'Volume', { 'name': 'ATLS', comment:"Imported from root tutorials... probably Pavel's" } ) startElement( 'Material', { 'a' : material.GetA(), ...} ) endElement( 'Material'' ) startElement( 'Shape', { type:"TUBE", ... } ) endElement( 'Shape' ) ... endElement( 'Volume' )

  • Outputs through the AgML export backend
    • Syntax extended to place volume using 4x4 matrix... requires updates to the ROOT and Mortran backends