PWGC Meeting

2017-08-25 11:30
2017-08-25 13:30
America/New York
Friday, 25 August 2017, at 15:30 (GMT), duration : 02:00
Full Meeting Info:

1) PWGC preview

Title: Bulk properties of the system formed in Au+Au collisions at sqrt(sNN)=14.5 GeV using the STAR detector at RHIC
PWG: BulkCorr (primary) and 
LFSUPC (secondary) 
PAs: Debadeepti Mishra, Vipul Bairathi, Subhash Singha, Lokesh Kumar, Bedangadas Mohanty, Declan Keane

Target journal: PRC


analysis note: 

- Brief introduction from the PWG conveners (5') [Nu]
- Paper proposal (15')  [Bedanga]
- Open discussions (35')
- Summary from the conveners' panel (5’)

2) Preliminary results vs plots
Kolja: The thought was to take the original QM figure on the left side of slide 8 in and add background curves as shown in the blown up version on slide 9. The slide 9 picture may be a good _illustration_ of what I'm asking but it would be important to clarify that this is not the actual figure we're discussing. 

3) A few slides with highlight jet measurements from STAR - JetCorr/Spin

 Search for volunteer checking BEMC status/calibration table, picoDst code maintainer, and embedding deputy

5) AOB