Forward Tracking Discussion

Talk time : 16:00, Duration : 00:20
  • FTS - Guannan Xie
  • Stv / Runga-Kutta status
    • Code is to the point of running multiple events
    • Efficiency seems to be lower than expected
    • There is an issue with the TRungaKutta track propagation across a low-density volume disagreeing by ~several cm with the track propagation across the same volume by geant.
      • The suspicion is that this is not an issue with TRungaKutta, but rather an issue with Stv...
      • Investigating whether geant has been properly configured to neglect, e.g., multiple scattering, etc...
      • Remark that it would be useful to be able to visualize tracks / hits / fits to debug
  • Restoring previous version of Stv
  •  Action Item: Collect old analysis codes...