HFT Embedding / Misalignment

Talk time : 16:20, Duration : 00:20
  • Hijing simulations for BaseQA w/ misaligned geometry
    • Goals
      • Evaluate performance of the Sti tracker reconstructing events in both ideal and misaligned geometries
      • Demonstrate that addition of misalignment does not significantly degrade track quality
      • Validate the misalignment framework prior to final integration
    • Status
      • 10k event sample with ideal alignment ready
      • 10k event sample with realistic misalignment to be submitted ~today
        • Will use pixel and ist only in tracking / sst simulator will not be plugged in / Tracking weights of  1090309.
        • Delayed from last week b/c we needed to backstep to prior working version
        • Prior version 08/02/2017 runs from SL17d / starpro
        • NOTE:  Need to remind myself of any changes to StEvent and/or StMuDst needed to keep track of number of HFT hits, etc...
    • https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1iix6mRXhW3BchtFlvG774R3B2WjQf_f5vvHuDd9Qejc/edit?usp=sharing
  • Integration onto the misalignment branch
    • Not much progress, as main focus this week was on other projects
    • Plan is to revisit after BaseQA:
      • Integrate DB changes into the geometry and test