Management Meeting

2017-09-15 10:00
America/New York
Friday, 15 September 2017
, at 14:00 (GMT), duration : 00:00

Meeting starts 10am BNL Time - BlueJeans Conference ID : 160455989

  1. Upgrades + Summer Shut down
  2. Production and Calibration
  3. Planning for next run  - Isobar switching, Early GPCs, Embedding readiness, Shifts
  4. Blind analysis committee - See Emails below sent to Council and BulkCorr
  5. Upcoming meetings - STAR-CBM, Analysis, Collab
  6. Abstract submission to big conferences
  7. AOB


Dear Olga, Council members,

 We appreciate that the discussion of the PAC recommendations ongoing and that Olga has called for an in-person discussion at the Collab. meeting in Jan. However, we think that if we do decide to implement a blind analysis we need to start planning on a shorter timescale. Exploring how to perform a blind analysis would be beneficial for STAR independent of the PAC recommendation. Given the high profile status of results, it is critical that we work as hard as possible to remove any possible perception of bias in our analysis.

Blinding analyses is not trivial and we need to proceed carefully and ensure the full procedure for blinding, accessing the blinded data, deciding when the reveal is done and what steps will/can be taken after need to be spelled out clearly and agreed upon by the whole collaboration.

 We are therefore writing to ask for the Council's support in forming a committee, selected from the whole collaboration, to investigate possible implementations that reports back to the Management and Council for final discussion. 
Helen and Zhangbu


Dear BulkCorr,

CME is a very important topic at STAR and of the HI
field, as reflected in e.g., the STAR BUR Run18
request and PAC=E2=80=99s recommendations. In view of the
ongoing discussions on current CME studies at STAR,
as well as the PAC=E2=80=99s recommendation of performing
blind analyses with Isobar data, at several peoples
suggestions we have formed a CME focus group,
that Jiangyong and Paul have agreed to co-Chair.

The focus of the group will include, but not be limited
to, the following:

1. how to perform blind analyses for the CME studies
with Isobar data
2. understand the connection and difference among
different CME observables
3. work together on the next CME paper in small
systems and beyond

The group will have regular meetings that are publicly
announced with a hyper news list, to which all are
welcome to subscribe. We expect that the CME focus
group will operate in a similar fashion to the focus
groups such at the BES and flow groups. The chairs
of the focus group have no official =E2=80=9Cpower=E2=80=9D; approval
of the physics results will remain with the BulkCorr

Zhenyu for the STAR management