PWGC Meeting

2017-09-15 11:30
2017-09-15 13:30
America/New York
Friday, 15 September 2017, at 15:30 (GMT), duration : 02:00
1) Run17 Data Production Priority

PWG p+p 510 GeV Au+Au 54 GeV
BulkCorr   st_physics (MB)
HF st_physics, st_mtd st_physics, st_mtd
LFSUPC st_physics (MB) st_physics (MB), st_mtd
Spin/ColdQCD 1st: st_W, 2nd: st_fms (but need complete pre- 
and post-shower alignment), 3rd: st_physics

Spin/ColdQCD (Carl/Oleg): 1st priority is pp510 st_w data (StiCA and PPV_W for vertexing). Before FMS pre/post-shower alignment is completed: 2nd is pp510 st_physics (StiCA and PPV_W for vertexing), while after pre/post-shower alignment is completed: 2nd is pp510 st_FMS and 3rd is pp510 st_physics. Have interests in st_RP data as well but don't know the status of RP calibration and UPC vertex option.
BulkCorr (Bill/Jiangyong) request full production of Au+Au 54 GeV MB data with FMS before QM18. Would like to know the timeline for the calibration and production readiness, and have a 100M MB data produced with reasonable TPC and FMS calibration asap.
HF (Rongrong/Zhenyu): st_physics and st_MTD for pp510 and AuAu54
JetCorr (Kolja/Li): no additional manpower for Run17 data at the moment
LFSUPC (Chi/David): pp510 MB, AuAu54 MB and MTD

Jerome: AuAu54 calibrations will take at least 1.5 months (+2 weeks due to travel)
Carl/Oleg: StiCA and PPV_W for st_W and st_physics (agree by all PWGs? st_mtd?)

My proposed priority (assuming at least two data production will take place at the same time):
1 pp510 st_W (ready to go if not including MTD)
2 pp510 st_fms (fms gain calibration, pre-/post-shower alignment ~ will take quite a while)
3 AuAu54 st_physics (TPC/EMC/TOF/MTD calibrations >= 2 months)
4 pp510 st_physics (pp MTD calibration ~ 1-2 weeks ?)
5 pp510 st_mtd (pp MTD calibration ~ 1-2 weeks ?)
6 AuAu54 st_mtd (TPC/EMC/TOF/MTD calibration >= 2 months)
7 pp510 st_RP (RP calibration, vertex reconstruction ? )

2) Data Production Q&A

1. request the necessary samples for QA get run relatively soon (a few weeks before the current productions are completed).  That will give people the opportunity to evaluate the test samples while the farm completes the current passes.
2. It was mentioned that specific data QA plots for some analyses are also needed, and it will be difficult to include these plots in the above maker. In such cases, the PWGs will ask the analyzers to make the specific data QA plots. It was also suggested to consider producing generic data QA plots during official data production by a generic data QA maker. One such example is the maker used for Run14 data based on picoDst: 

QA plots:
QA maker:

3) Analysis Meeting 
Theoretic talk(s) on Spin/ColdQCD: 
Yoshitaka Hatta (remote):   Dijet in UPC to study gluon Wigner distributions 
Andreas Metz: ColdQCD and EIC
Yuri Kovchegov: ColdQCD and EIC
Daniel Pitonyak: twist-3