Management Meeting

2019-12-20 12:00
America/New York
Friday, 20 December 2019
, at 17:00 (GMT), duration : 00:00
BlueJeans Conference ID : 160455989

  • News from the run
    • Going reasonably well. Luminosity close to factor 2 lower than hoped. Being investigated, if stays like this will seriously affect collected data stats. CAD say beam at max of what they can do, but luminosity low.
    • Test of FXT going to happen over the weekend, eTOF going well
    • No other issues. Shifts seem covered for now
  • Production
    • ToF calibration for FXT almost there. Last step before production starts
    • Run 17 some progress. Slow but steady
    • FMS Calibration
  • Embedding
    • Mismatch for pp 200. Progress using different libraries. Investigation continues- see S&C reports
    • Probably need to pause submissions/approvals using SL16d_embed or later.
  • New BulkCorr Convener
  • CoC
  • HLT discussion
  • Meeting time - new semester?
  • AOB