STAR PWGC meeting

2020-07-10 09:30
America/New York
Friday, 10 July 2020, at 13:30 (GMT), duration : 00:00
1) Charge-dependent correlations in Au+Au 27 GeV collisions to search for the Chiral Magnetic Effect at lower energy
- Brief introduction from the PWG conveners (5’) [ShinIchi]
- Paper proposal (15')  [Presentation Yu Hu]
- Open discussions (35')
- Summary from the conveners' panel (5’)
Paper draft:


2) Discussion: production priority
New request: 
MuDst to PicoDst: pp200_production_2012, P12id (JetCorr): new track-tower matching scheme in SL20b and above
Data restoration:

- production_pAu200_2015, P18ih, st_ssdmb, MuDst 
- production_pp_2015, P16id, st_ssdmb, MuDst 
- pp200_production_2012, P12id.SL18f, st_physics
- AuHe3_production_2014, P18if.SL18f, st_physics

Conclusions: the new data restoration requests will be placed at the highest priorities since they are urgently needed by analyzers. On the other hand, the picoDst production of Run12 pp 200 GeV data is appended to the current list.

3) Run19 19.6 GeV (production time 1- 2 months when run concurrently with Run17 pp 510 GeV data production)
- PicoDst of calibration production available: /star/data05/pwg_tasks/picoDst_Run19_19p6_Calib
-- PWG delegates can use it to tune their codes
-- Everyone is welcome to look at the data and report their findings to QA board (
- Splitting of m2 distributions seen for positive/negative charges. Experts investigating this.
- What is the impact of eTOF calibration for this data set?

Conclusions: the TPC and TOF experts are investigating the m2 splitting. On the other hand, the time-dependent eTOF calibration could be ready in 1-2 weeks if no surprises arise. The consensus is that the official production should start once TPC and TOF calibrations are ready. We will not hold up the production for eTOF calibration, in case not ready, given the limited time before PAC meeting, and that the time-dependent eTOF calibration can be applied with a reproduction of PicoDst files.

4) Run17 pp 510 GeV production
- st_physics: a list of runs to be produced first provided to the production team
- st_W: any QA feedback?

Conclusions: the charge ratios in st_W look healthy now. Will need st_physics production to carry out BEMC calibration, which will be then applied to st_W stream on the fly while analyzing existing MuDst files. The SPIN PWG will make sure early QA of st_physics will happen when a sample is produced.

5) Data production and transfer
- produce a sample
- ask QA board to check and sign off
- resume production and get it all done
- Move to distributed disk automatically
-- SPIN data sets: MuDst and PicoDst
-- HI data sets: PicoDst
-- st_upc: MuDst

PWG delegates: converge on the set of QA histograms for each PWG

Conclusions: conveners agree with the proposed procedure. The details of QA board sign-off procedure is being worked out.

6) PWG inputs to BUR: cases for Au+Au 2023 and 2025 running
- BUR due by the end of August
- What unique measurements STAR can do using these datasets?
- Suggest to brainstorm this at PWG meeting in the next few weeks, and send reports to BUR committee (Ken ( and Frank (
- sPHENIX running plan

Conclusions: conveners will bring this up for discussion at respective PWG meetings

7) Impact on user analyses due to reduced CPU allocated to COVID-19 related research

Conclusions: conveners will poll PWG members on the impact, while Rongrong will collect more information from RCF.

8) Old/obsolete submission clean-up