STAR PWGC meeting

2020-08-07 09:30
America/New York
Friday, 7 August 2020, at 13:30 (GMT), duration : 00:00
1) Feedback on whether the current PicoDst (P11id_SL19c) for 2011 200 GeV Au+Au data satisfies PWG needs
- 2010 200 GeV Au+Au, 2012 193 GeV U+U picoDst production chain option: "picoDst PicoVtxMode:PicoVtxDefault PicoCovMtxMode:PicoCovMtxWrite PicoBEmcSmdMode:PicoBEmcSmdWrite"

Conclusions: no concerns raised from PWGs about the current PicoDst (P11id_SL19c) for 2011 200 GeV Au+Au data. Conveners will also discuss the proposed chain option for 2010 200 GeV Au+Au and 2012 193 GeV U+U picoDst production within each PWG.

2) PicoDst production request: priority list
- New request: Run14 AuAu 200 GeV st_physics, P18ih-MuDst using SL20a or beyond, requested by JetCorr

Conclusions: the new request is currently placed 4th on the priority list along with the other JetCorr request of Run12 p+p 200 GeV data. JetCorr will determine the relative order of the two requests within the PWG.

3) Template for preliminary plots request: template 

Conclusions: more comments are brought up by conveners, and we aim to converge within a week

4) STAR policy on Rivet analysis approval
- Proposal: the Rivet analysis code, implemented by PAs, will be approved within the current paper process. For people outside of STAR Collaboration who are interested in implementing Rivet analyses for STAR published results, we welcome any clarifying questions they may have, but do not officially approve these analyses. 

Conclusions: conveners agree with the proposed policy

- Clean up old/obsolete submission