TPC weekly

2021-02-03 15:00
America/New York
Wednesday, 3 February 2021
, at 20:00 (GMT), duration : 00:00
- hardware status
- run progress
- software
- TPC Review Planning

Charge to committee

  We just formed the STAR TPC calibration review committee. It is timely and critical to look at the offline calibration tasks and issues. The committee is charged to evaluate the readiness of the TPC calibration for the BES-II data production and provide answers to the following questions by the end of March 2021:


1.     What is the status of the tracking and production calibration? 

2.     Where is the bottleneck of the TPC calibration procedure? 

3.     Are there enough collaboration manpower and resources for the tasks? 

4.     How are the online/operation/fast-offline/PWGs efforts coordinated to accomplish the goals? 

5.     Is there a clear document of procedures in calibration and what are the unexpected and expected issues in BES-II datasets? What are the steps in calibration, and how are the current responsibilities assigned?

6.     What is the timeline and path toward completion of whole BES-II calibration for production? 

7.     Any lesson learned toward future runs?


The members are:

Zhangbu Xu (Chair)

Bill Christie

Carl Gagliardi

Frank Geurts

Marian Ivanov

Ivan Kisel

Tonko Ljubicic 

Maria Stefaniak

Jim Thomas

Qinghua Xu

Xin Dong (ex officio)

Rongrong Ma (ex officio)

Talks and subject area.
Geometry & alignment (Yuri)
•  Drift velocities
•  dE/dx
•  Specifics for Run 19
•  Cosmic data
•  Beam data
•  Laser data
•  What is the procedure for alignment; How is it documented
•  Bottleneck in timely calibrations
•  Validation procedures and QA
•  Lessons and procedures learned from iTPC prototype commissioning
•  Present/summarize clearly the open/unknown issues and potential concerns (all talks)

Surveys done (Flemming)
• Alexei, Jim and Yuri (operation survey)
• Other detectors as calibration tools (GMT, TOF,  BEMC)
• How they are included in the calibration procedure

Correction Distortions (Gene)
• Dynamic distortions: SpaceCharge & GridLeak
• Static distortions

Resources for Online and express stream (Hongwei)
•  Recap of resources
•  Activities
•  Relation to FastOffline

Calibration (Irakli)
•  T0
•  Long bunch timing, FXT and collider BES-II
•  How is express and fast offline used in calibration
•  Resource/tools/datasets use

QA,QC (BES-II)   (Dan)
•  Recap of resources
•  How are working groups involved in this
•  Feedback, requirements to calibrations

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