STAR PWGC meeting

2021-03-19 09:30
America/New York
Friday, 19 March 2021, at 13:30 (GMT), duration : 00:00
1) Paper preview: Longitudinal double-spin asymmetry for inclusive jet and dijet production in polarized proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}=510$ GeV
- Brief introduction from the PWG conveners (5’) [Maria Zurek]
- Paper proposal (15')  [Presentation by Amilkar Quintero]
- Open discussions (35')
- Summary from the conveners' panel (5’)

Proposal page:


2) Data production (Priority list)
- BES-II: do we want to produce only "minbias-allvtx" trigger, i.e. events with HLT vertices within +/- 200 cm?
-- 19.6 GeV (not applicable), 14.6 GeV (68%), 11.5 GeV (37%), 7.7 GeV (22%)
-- What vertex selection algorithm should be used for PicoDst, Default or VpdOrDefault? One can study this with the recent 19.6 GeV calibration production. 
Conclusions: PAC will collect more information about possible missing good offline events in minbias-allvtx triggers, especially as a function of multiplicity. Conveners will bring this topic for discussion in PWGs. 

MuDst -> PicoDst
- Run12 Cu+Au: issue of missing half bTOF in matching. Is it sufficient to reproduce PicoDst including the fix in afterburner? Can we check this?
- Run 12 p+p 200 GeV:
-- Is chain option "PicoVtxMode:PicoVtxVpdOrDefault, TpcVpdVzDiffCut:6, PicoCovMtxMode:PicoCovMtxWrite" correct? Should one include PicoBEmcSmdMode:PicoBEmcSmdWrite?
-- Plan to assemble SL21b for this production, including nSigmaTof variables. Is it OK as these variables are directly copied from MuDst?
- BES-I: production should be fast since MuDst files are on DD

- Run12 Cu+Au: LFSUPC will confirm whether running afterburner could fix the problem. If so, one will need to produce the standard PicoDst and restore MuDst for UPC PicoDst production
- Run 12 p+p 200 GeV: JetCorr conveners will communicate with the production team to add the chain option "PicoBEmcSmdMode:PicoBEmcSmdWrite"
- BES-I will be added to the PicoDst production list

3) pwg_tasks area is full  (Disk lease)
- New request from tracking efficiency TF: 10T
- Propose to remove 19.6 GeV express production which takes 9T
Conclusions: conveners agree with the proposal, and PAC will discuss with TFG group to see if 19.6 GeV data is used

4) Computing resources for Isobar analysis 
- Queue priority
- Disk space needed (2Tx5?). pwg area available for institutions:
-- BNL: 8.6T
-- Purdue: 11.2T
-- UIC: 4.6T
-- UCLA: 3.5T
-- Tsukuba: 4.4T
Conclusions: priority for job submission will be enhanced for five analyzers who will submit jobs for CME analyses. Institution space on PWG area should be sufficient

5) BUR: due mid May
- Charge: running plan for 22-25
- 2025 was not mentioned for STAR running in last PAC report. Opportunity to make a stronger case this time
- Status of Run17 pp 510 GeV data analysis
Conclusions: the unpolarized W+/W- result using Run17 data is expected to be released as preliminary at upcoming DIS conference. Cold QCD PWG is aiming to have some W A_N results for PAC meeting. Conveners will bring up the topic of BUR for discussion at PWG meetings. 

6) Interest in RP physics in 2022 and beyond
- Need help for commissioning and operating RP
Conclusions: conveners will bring this topic for discussion at PWG meetings. 

- Isobar embedding QA: SLIDES
- Volunteer for including bTOF in vertex ranking calculation for BES-II data: Guannan Xie
- PWGC group on Skype for fast communication?
- Clean up obsolete submission: