STAR PWGC meeting

2021-03-26 09:30
America/New York
Friday, 26 March 2021, at 13:30 (GMT), duration : 00:00
1) Discussion of PWGC previews more than 6 months ago, but no GPC (LIST)
Conclusions: see LIST for analysis status

2) Data production (Priority list)
- BES-II: what vertex selection algorithm should be used for PicoDst, Default or VpdOrDefault? One can study this with the recent 19.6 GeV calibration production. 
- New restoration request: AuAu_200_production_2016, st_mtd, P16ij_SL16j
- Conveners will follow upon vertex selection algorithm within PWG
- The new request is added to the end of the queue

3) Embedding request relevant for FCV and LFSUPC:
 H3L quasi-2-body embedding (H3L-> d+"Lambda" -> d+p+pi)
Conclusions: conveners support this embedding request

4) Volunteer for RP operation 2022
Conclusions: this topic was brought up at LFSUPC and ColdQCD weekly meetings earlier this week, but no volunteers have spoken up yet. Conveners will discuss and come up with a list of analyzers who might be interested in RP physics, and we will directly approach them to see if they are willing to help. 

- PWGC group on Skype for fast communication? How about MatterMost?
Conclusions: there were concerns that conveners could miss some information on these chat platforms. For now, we will continue using email as the main communication channel.  

- Clean up obsolete submission: