Tracking Efficiency Uncertainty meeting

2021-03-30 10:00
2021-03-30 11:00
America/New York
Tuesday, 30 March 2021, at 14:00 (GMT), duration : 01:00

David has presented results from running the GMT code:

There are three attached sets of slides. Each compares the TTrees generated with a bfc chain:

  1. compares trees generated under dev & .DEV2, in which the .DEV2 run includes a bfc chain option for KFVertex
  2. is the same as 1. above, but .DEV2 does not include the bfc chain option for KFVertex
  3. compares the .DEV2 with the KFVertex & .DEV2 without the KFVertex
If the KFVertex option is on there is more events, when turned off the number of event basically agree. However the number of entries in DEV is two times what is reconstructed in .DEV2.
The entries in the final ntuple are coming from tracks being matched to MTD hits. The question now is if the actual number of hits reconstructed in the detector is also different between the libraries.