FSTAR face-to-face Meeting

2021-04-27 08:00
America/New York
Tuesday, 27 April 2021
ZOOM, at 12:00 (GMT), duration : 00:00
Meeting details can be found at 

Zoom Meeting Info:


Meeting ID: 161 566 6680
Passcode: fSTAR-f2f


- will ship the iTPC monitors to monitor transportation to Chi
- make the testing procedures for production FEEs and FEB more explicit
- meet wit hRahul to go through all the schedule for the shutdown
- add milestones for the safety reviews in the schedule

- define the goals for the sTGC test with beam and manpower needs
  I’m getting less and less convinced something gets learnt from this, with the exception of the gassystem

- need to develop labeling scheme and physical lables for the sTGC 
  suggestion use station quadrant and channels and then make clear this is detector FEB, roc side of the cable
- need to schedule with CAD to check the connections and fix them so the  BRISK controller works fine.


- need a to-do list what still needs to be finalized