STAR PWGC meeting

2021-04-30 09:30
America/New York
Friday, 30 April 2021, at 13:30 (GMT), duration : 00:00
1) Paper preview: Measurement of D± meson production and total charm production yield at midrapidity in Au+Au collisions at √sNN = 200 GeV with the STAR experiment
- Brief introduction from the PWG conveners (5’) [Barbara Trzeciak]
- Paper proposal (15')  [Presentation by Jan Vanek]
- Open discussions (35')
- Summary from the conveners' panel (5’)
2) Abstract discussion:
- High-order off-diagonal cumulants in 27 GeV (ABSTRACT): what is its relation to the published results? What is the status of the erratum for the paper?
- Light nuclei at 3 and 27 GeV (ABSTRACT): what results will be released? How about the comparison to preliminary results where UrQMD is used for proton feed-down?

- No cross-term cumulants, which was the part that are wrong in the paper, will be shown in the talk. For the erratum, an initial draft is at hand. Will need to polish it before sending to PWG.
- Better to take out 27 GeV results to avoid any comparison to preliminary results. The 3 GeV results have been shown at APS meeting. It is very important to understand the proton feed-down and get the paper published. 

3) 64bit vs. 32bit
- Which test samples shall be used for physics evaluation, e.g. distributions for tracks, BEMC/TOF/MTD hits, etc? 200 GeV Au+Au, low energy Au+Au, 510 GeV p+p
- For each sample, data production and embedding will be done with 32bit and 64bit

Conclusions: suggest to take 2016 200 GeV Au+Au , 19.6 GeV Au+Au from BES-I and 2017 510 GeV p+p

4) Trigger system upgrade for 20kHz trigger rate. Is this needed for Run-22?

Conclusions: will bring this up for discussion at Cold QCD PWG and forward upgrade group