Charge from Spokesman

 Dear collaborators:

With the successful on-going production of run14 dataset and after many discussions with quite a few collaborators and members of the management team, I would like to establish a "STAR Tracking Focus Group".

The overall goal is for the focus group to work with core STAR computing group in Tracking algorithm, embed tracking knowledge in the PWGs and foster a collaboration group with specific tasks (similar to a detector subsystem or analysis focus group).

Propose to have Aihong Tang (BNL) and Spiros Margetis (Kent) as co-leaders of this group.

Members (not exclusive): Ivan Kisel, Yuri Fisyak, Hongwei Ke, Irakli Chakaberia, Tonko Ljubicic, Akio Ogawa, Lijuan Ruan, Ming Shao, Jonathan Bouchet, Hao Qiu, Jochen Thaeder, Zhenyu Ye

Ex-Officio: Jerome Lauret, Frank Geurts and Zhangbu Xu

1.            Continue to investigate and develop Tracking Algorithms for STAR with core S&C group.

Protocol on integration and standards should be an important consideration.

2.            Prepare tracker/tracking for iTPC era on how to handle high density padrow environment with new cluster algorithm and trackings with large angle of incline.

3.            Continue the development of tracking Algorithm in forward region with [non-uniform] magnetic fields. Prepare for forward tracking upgrade era. Perform simulation to backup proposal(s).

4.            Study and recommend on how to take advantage of current tools in physics analyses with Kalman Filter [KFP, KFV].

5.            Experiment parallelism online (HLT) and explore possibility of Offline parallelism/hardware acceleration 

Talk time : 17:58, Duration : 00:01