Run preparation Run VI (2006)

This page is meant to organize information about the calibration preparations and steps required for each subdetector for upcoming runs. Items with an asterisk (*) need to be completed in advance of data.

For the run in winter 2006, the plan is to take primarily pp data. This may lead to different requirements than in the past.

  • * Code development for 1 Hz scalers.
  • * Testing of T0/Twist code with pp data.
  • * Survey alignment information into DB.
  • Drift velocity from lasers into DB (automated).
  • T0 calibration as soon as data starts.
  • Twist calibration as soon as data starts (for each field).
  • SpaceCharge and GridLeak (SpaceCharge and GridLeak Calibration How-To Guide) as soon as T0/Twist calibrated (for each field).
  • Would like a field flip to identify origins of offsets in SpaceCharge vs. scalers.
  • dEdx: final calibration after run ends by sampling over the whole run period, but initial calibration can be done once TPC momentum is well-calibrated (after distortion corrections).
  • HV calibration performed at start of data-taking.
  • Temperatures into DB (automated)
  • Rotation alignment of each FTPC done for each field (needs calibrated vertex from TPC[+SVT][+SSD]). There was concern about doing this calibration with the pp data - status???
  • Steps for pp should be the same as heavy ion runs, but more data necessary.
  • Self-alignment (to be completed January 2006)
  • Requires well-calibrated TPC.
  • Requires a few million events (a week into the run?)
  • Would like field flip to discriminate between SVT/SSD alignment vs. TPC distortions.
  • * Code development in progress (status???)
  • Requires well-calibrated TPC.
  • EEMC initial setting & monitoring during data taking relies on prompt and fully automatic muDst EzTree production for all minias-only fast-only runs. Assume fast offline muDst exist on disk for 1 week.
  • Initial settings for HV: 500k minbias fast-triggered events will give slopes necessary to adjust relative gans. Same 60 GeV E_T maximum scale as in previous years.
  • Pedestals from 5k minbias events, once per fill.
  • Stability of towers from one 200k minbias run per fill.
  • Highly prescaled minbias and zerobias events in every run for "general monitoring" (e.g. correlated pedestal shift)
  • Offline calibrations unnecessary for production (can be done on the MuDst level).
  • "Basic" offline calibration from MIP response in 5M minbias fast events (taken a few weeks into the run)
  • "Final" offline calibration from pi0 (or other TBD) signal requires "huge" statistics of EHT and EJP triggers to do tower-by-tower (will need the full final dataset).
  • * Calibration codes exist, but are scattered. Need to be put in CVS with consistent paths and filenames.
  • * LED runs to set HV for 60 GeV E_T maximum, changed from previous years (status???).
  • Online HV calibration from 300k minbias events (eta ring by eta ring) - requires "full TPC reconstruction".
  • MuDsts from calibration runs feedback to run settings (status???).
  • Pedestals from low multiplicity events from the event pool every 24 hours.
  • Offline calibrations unnecessary for production (can be done on the MuDst level).
  • "Final" offline tower-by-tower calibration from MIPs and electrons using several million events.
  • upVPD upgrade (coming in March 2006) for better efficiency and start resolution
  • Need TPC momentum calibrated first.
  • Requires several million events, less with upVPD (wait for upVPD???)