BFC: Filtered Vs. Unfiltered Comparison

Comparison of BFC with and without filtering


See pdf file at bottom of page:

The left-hand plots are the unfiltered events and the right-hand plots are the filtered


  1. Page 1 shows how many events survive each individual cut. Bins 0 and 1 do not mach because there are different numbers of events in each file and because in my code bin 1 is a cut on 15GeV, not 17GeV where the filtered cutoff was set. All subsequent bins match.
  2. Page 2 shows how many events pass the cuts sequentially. Again, all bins from 2 onward are the same.
  3. Page 3-8 show the trigger patch ET spectrum after sequential cuts were applied, the spectra look the same.
  4. Page 9 shows the ET weighted average eta position of the trigger patch vs the PT weighted average eta position of electrons going into the endcap from the geant record.
  5. Page 10 shows the same information for the phi position.
  6. Page 11 shows the ET of the trigger patch vs the PT of the thrown electrons.