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A junior is a student or a post-doctoral researcher who has graduated in the last five years.

The current Junior Representatives are Xiaoyu Liu from Ohio State University (, Isaac Mooney from Yale University (, and Yu Hu from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (

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The following information is available for and about STAR's students and post docs

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STAR publication policy

Junior members of the collaboration comprise all graduate students and those with no more than five years post-PhD experience. They will be represented on the Council by up to three at-large junior members at least one of whom should be a graduate student. Candidates for at-large positions can be either self-nominated or nominated by other juniors after a call for nominations by the current junior members of the Council. The election will be conducted by a committee that is appointed by the current junior members of Council. The at-large representatives will be elected by junior members of the collaboration. Elections should take place at least every two years. The normal term for junior representatives will be two years. — STAR bylaws