a) e/h isolation based on Geant Record (Mike, Mar 31)


 For the new QCD background,

partonic pT 15 - 20 GeV : 50,000 events  LT=8.0/pb
partonic pT 20 - 30 GeV : 20,000 events  LT=0.3/b
partonic pT 30 - 50 GeV : 10,000 events  LT=0.4/pb
partonic pT 50+       GeV :   1,000 events  LT=0.8/pb

The high pT tail is still weak.  I could run more high pT events (with the time frame of one more day) or double the bin widths to smooth out the tail and allow for an efficiency plot up to ~50 GeV (albeit with relatively large error bars).  Let me know your choice.

The W files are mit0009 and the QCD files are mit0012.
I use r = 0.26 for the isolation cut, as per the original IUCF proposal, and use the jet finder for the away side veto.