study 7 revised for White Paper, AL(eta), AL(ET) , (Jan)


 Plots show AL for W+, W- as function of ET (fig1) and eta (fig2,3) 

I assumed beam pol=70%, electron/positron reco off 70%, QCD background included, no vertex cut (as for all earlier analysis).

For AL(ET)  I integrated over eta [-2,-1] or [1,2] and assumed the following  B/S(ET) = 5.0 for ET>20 GEV, 1.0 for ET>25, 0.9 for ET>30,.... 

For AL(Eta)  I integrated over ET>25 GeV and assumed a constant in eta & ET B/S=0.8. 

Fig 1. AL(ET). Only Endcap coverage is shown. ( )

Fig 2. AL(Eta) . Only Endcap coverage is shown. ( )

Fig 3. AL(Eta) has continuous eta-axis, binning is exactly the same as in Fig 2.  It includes Endcap & Barrel coverage

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