Beam Test at DESY, May 2011

Planning the Beamtest at DESY





Important Dates:

 Scheduled from May 16-30





Anselm Vossen (


DESY testbeam page:

People that are going



Equipment that has to be shipped



Qty Size Weight  ? Contact Person/Institution Shipping Details (from where to where) When?

Comments (e.g. shipping details

safety aspects)

   FGT Quadrants          MIT      
   Det Fixture          MIT      
   positioning/alignment          MIT      
   gas-setup          Valpo/MIT      might be available at DESY - see below
   bottled gas (premixed?)          DESY      
   FEE board 6        MIT      
   terminator board          MIT      
   interconnector board          MIT      
   cable and patch          MIT      
  signal cables         IU/UKY      
  power cables         IU/UKY      
  RG-59 HV cables 3       DESY?      
  readout crate 1 2.5'x 4'x 3.5x 100 lbs   ANL      
  ARC 1 1'x 1'x 0.3' 4 lb   ANL      
  ARM 3 1'x1'x0.3' 4 lb   IU      
  HVPS 1 1'x1'x0.3' 8 lb   IU      
  computer incl. DRORC 1 1'x3'x4' 73 lb   DESY?      
  Nim logic         DESY      
  data fiber 1       IU      
  hand tools and scope         DESY      
  diff probe 1       IU      
  Sys clock source                already provided by ARC
  Misc computer equipment (PC etc)                


Gas at Desy


The DESY gas group can supply premixed gas. We have to ask well in advance.

Flowmeters etc. should also be available. We have to bring tools


 Test Beam Description


can be found here:



Safety at DESY


Inspection List for equipment



Radiation protection

Testbeam safety briefing:

We have to assign one person responsible for radiation safety

That person is:




 Travel Infos for Hamburg/Germany

Fly into Hamburg

Today the price from JFK is ~$950 roundtrip


Within Germany, rail is good idea if you book in advance

ask me if you want to look for special fares ( I saw that that site is in German)



DESY hostel:


I haven't been at DESY, so if somebody else has a better idea, please tell me