Electrostatic Calculations for West Support Cone

 Hi all;
 I've put some results from the latest electrostatic
calculations for the WSC at:
The first page shows the key elements of the model and
the changes from previous versions:
- All edges of the WSC are radius'ed with 2 cm
- The resistor chain is now from Jan's "good" drawing
- The resistior chain is not rotated 16 degrees from
   top - this makes it easier to navigate the "region
   of interest" for studying the high field region.
This page also shows the orientation of the coordinate
The next six pages are pairs of field plots.  Each pair
shows the magnitude of the electric field in a slice
normal to the Z (X, Y) axis.  The slice is taken at
the location of the maximum field.  The second of each
pair of plots is just a zoom in on the hot spot.
The last plot shows that maximum field in an X-slice
vs. X.  If people have questions or suggestions, we
can discuss this in tomorrow's meeting.
 Best regards,
  Dick Majka