5 FGT cables in Geant



If I want to know the total area for one FGT disk what is the proper multiplier : 4, 28, or 24*28 ?

Within the cable, multipliers for the individual "subcomponents" are in column L.

Then, there are overall 4 cables per FGT disk - the column B tells you number of cables and I-J tells you where they go.

In other words, for instance, overall total copper area in FGT-power cables is
24*(7*5.176E-3+1*3.255E-3) = 0.948 cm^2.

I know you asked to break out with one "line" per cable route - we can do this later but for now there are already a lot of lines... I'll leave them grouped as this and you should look at I-J to decide the lengths and where they are.

By the way, I imagine the "patch" between cone/FGT cables and "external" cables lying on TPC endwheel, through services gap, to crates, occurs somewhere just outside the cone, within the first foot or so.