Legend for Status in DB


Strip Status

Status bits are failure states, i.e. status of 0 is good, anything else is bad. Strip status bits are defined as

  • bit 1: pedestal out of range (current range is 100-1200 ADC)
  • bit 2: RMS out of range (current range is 10-80 ADC)
  • bit 3: Fraction of integral near pedestal value (i.e +/- 1 RMS of the pedestal) out of range (current range is 0.6 to 0.95)
  • bit 4: not used
  • bit 5: APV chip bad (threshold is currently 64 dead strips)
  • bit 6: strip not connected

Note, for bit 5, all strips are set to have this bit fail if more than the threshold number of strips on this APV failed the tests corresponding to bits 1-3.