TPC resistor chain at phi=106 deg

 Here is what we know about TPC resistor chain in IFC positioned at 106 deg in phi.

  •  the foil covering resistors  is made of the Al plus Kapton is 0.09 percent of a radiation length thick for a straight through track.
  • material is used for to round cylinders  supporting that foil is made of 1" pipe made from G10, wall thickness ~ 1mm
  • Foils structure is described on TPC page we are using one capton foil with Al stripes
  • resistors: between stripes we put 2MoM resistor, consisting of 2  with 1 MoM nominal- see picture in attachment.
    i don't know a power, but it is 4 mm diameter and 13 mm  ceramic body.
    there are 360 ONE MoM resistors on each side of TPC We have 182 stripes to define uniform field and between each pair of stripes we put 2 MoM


As seen from the East toward West:

BAD drawing:

Good drawing:



As seen from the West toward East: