More reconstructed TPC cluster curiosities

Following from Offline QA Issue 5069, run 10100015 was reported to be "weak" in the outer RDO of sector 9.  Here is a screen grab of the Offline QA plot of all reconstructed TPC hits (clusters) from sector 9 using 4 files from that run:


I have no guesses for what is happening, but it is indeed likely to be an issue at the RDO level considering the portions that are "cool". In particular, only padrows 38-45 are affected, corresponding exactly to RDO 6, and padrow 37 appears to be unaffected. When anode cards 15 and 16 are off, they affect padrows 38-45 as well, but padrow 37 is behind anode wires from both cards 14 and 15. The result can be seen below from sector 11 where those anode HVs are off, and padrow 37 is partially affected: 

Meanwhile, padrows 1-7 and most of padrow 8 are also empty in this sector 11 plot, corresponding precisely to the FEEs supported by RDO 1, as can be seen in this layout diagram, including the little bits at the ends of padrow 8 which are supported by RDO 2.